A quick detour though CCNA DC….

A couple months ago I started this thing as documentation of my journey to CCNP Route and Switch. 60 days into the journey things changed, and my focus was shifted. Simply put, the forecast calls for clear skies not a cloud in sight. So my target has changed from CCNP R&S to CCNA Data Center. I’m on an accelerated plan. I would like to clear CCNA DC by the end of June. Then decide between NP R&S or DC……

I’m really excited for this opportunity even though it’s detoured my CCNP R&S plans. The idea of this blog remains the same though. It’s a journal of my study habits, my thoughts and my questions that exceed 140 characters.

I’m hoping in the next two weeks I can sit the first half of CCNA DC which is the DCICN 640-911 exam. It covers mostly basics like subnetting, spanning-tree, and of course the fundamentals of NX-OS. If you have any words of wisdom feel free to drop me a line on Twitter (@eric_stover) or leave a comment below.


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