Oh Hey!

Welcome! I’ve decided that after taking part in some interesting conversations, I needed an area to expand on my thoughts. 140 characters is a great platform to start conversations, but tagging people in a conversation and the sequencing of posts can be annoying. So here we are. 

Professionally, I spend most of my time in the Network side of IT. I consider myself a generalist as I’ve worked on everything from wireless controllers to Cisco UCS. I take a particular interest in wireless networks at the moment because I’ve spent a good portion of my time building a wireless networks for a Fortune 500 company that is growing at break neck speeds. In my spare time I’m becoming less of a Python noob. 

I also take a serious interest in career development and IT Ops. I did the job hop thing for awhile until I got to a place where I felt like I was getting full exposure to everything from data center to access layer.     My interest in IT Ops comes from a strong dislike of inefficiency and non-standard things. Gives me the chills just thinking about it. 

Personally, I’m also going through a bit of a transition. At the end of 2015 I’ll no longer be a formal student. I’ve been taking some sort of formalized education since I was four years old. Now, at 29, that phase of my life is over and I couldn’t be happier. Now that I have some spare time I’m trying to rediscover some hobbies that were culled and develop new hobbies. I’m hoping to share some new adventures here.




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